The Youth Vote Moves On

Barack Obama was the Political Pied Piper of 2008. His campaign motivated millions of young people to finally come to the polls and pull the levers -- and not just for Obama, but other party members down the ticket. This upsurge in activity yielded sweeping power for the Democrats in Congress. But a year of Obama has come and gone, and so have many of his youthful supporters. This does not bode well for Democrats in 2010 and beyond.Obama owes his presidency to the ranks of 18- to 24-year-olds who overwhelmingly supported him over John McCain (66%-32%). Obama tapped into their idealistic yearnings with promises to heal the divisions of our nation, to end the rancor of partisanship, and to stop the rise of the oceans. He would restore our international popularity and bring health care to the masses (without adding a dime to the deficit). He was a celebrity they could enjoy listening to and hearing from.  In contrast, John McCain was old and uncool, and by making him an avatar of...(Read Full Article)