The Yemeni Front in the War on Terror

It is difficult to decide which thought is more disturbing regarding the recent terror attack on Northwest Flight 253: that terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab nearly succeeded, or the reaction by U.S. officials in the aftermath of the attempted bombing. Janet Napolitano's ridiculous claim that everything went according to plan was retracted, revised, and extended. President Obama regarded the matter as serious enough to warrant interrupting his vacation twice, the second time calling it a "catastrophic breach" of security procedures and admitting to a "systemic failure."But Time writer Bobby Ghosh found one anonymous counterterrorism official who said, "It's too early to say whether this guy was a lone, self-motivated terrorist or part of a larger plot. We obviously have to assume the worst, and investigate this thing down to the smallest details."Gosh, Bobby, where did you find this nameless (and clueless) clown to interview? No wonder he wanted to...(Read Full Article)