The Government Still Hasn't a Clue

Thomas Frank, the Wall Street Journal's tame liberal columnist, experienced the Noughties (2000-2009) as a  "low, dishonest decade." It was all corporate scandals, slack regulation, and unnecessary wars.Allow me, Mr. Frank, to propose a narrative a little more expansive and a little less cramped: The Noughties was a decade of Progressive chickens coming home to roost.Before coming to this obvious judgment, it helps to read a quartet of articles published just before Christmas in National Review about the founding Progressives back in the late 19th century: Richard Ely, John Dewey, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Herbert Croly (links may still be behind a subscription wall). Most of the ideas about the living constitution and the wise, powerful federal government advised by educated experts -- ideas that our liberal friends get with their mother's milk -- came from them.When we talk about the Democrats poised on the edge of a precipice this holiday season, we are talking...(Read Full Article)