Take Our Playbook, Please

The time for words has passed. President Obama and Eric Holder are placing American lives in danger and openly aiding and abetting America's enemies. Obama and Holder want to give civilian trials to confessed 9/11 mass-murderer Kalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) and his accomplices. Giving civilian trials to non-U.S. citizens and unlawful combatants not even protected by the Geneva Conventions is both unconstitutional and a violation of the oath of office to defend Americans against all enemies foreign and domestic. The obvious risks of giving an accomplice in the terrorist murder of three thousand Americans a civilian trial are many. Trivial arguments like concern about the psyche of New Yorkers, or more serious ones like the ability to get a conviction, don't get to the heart of the matter. Never in U.S. history have foreign soldiers been given the rights and immunities of U.S. citizens in American courts. Cases such as Mohammed's have always been handled in military tribunals. This...(Read Full Article)