Stress and Marital Happiness

Every time I write about marriage, I hear from readers who lament their sexless marriages. The comments are all from men, and they tell of years, sometimes decades, of living together without love, affection, or sexual intimacy. The writers describe an arid life of "going separate ways" and "living separate lives." Often a man will speak admiringly of his wife as the mother of their children and a fine person, but he will sadly relate that there is no longer any personal interaction between them as a couple. These are the ones who haven't bothered to divorce, yet they lead lives of quiet, grinding frustration, if not desperation, hostility, anger, and depression. Such responses have come so often that I've taken note, and I relate them to the social science research that reveals that even younger couples are increasingly under so much stress that a noticeable number of them are "too tired" for marital intimacy. We've all seen it happen: a young couple...(Read Full Article)