Returning to the Moon

On December 24, 1968, three young Americans broadcast a Christmas message to the world from the loneliest location man has yet to visit. As Apollo 8 orbited the moon, they broadcast stunning images of the vast emptiness of space surrounding the barren rock of the lunar landscape. For anyone who experienced it, it is an indelible memory. Forty-one years later, it still sends a soul-stirring message.Overpowered by the sight and inspired by the loneliness, the astronauts read the opening verses of Genesis. Eventually, we got to see color images of what they beheld that night: a brilliant blue orb rising over the desolate moonscape, both floating in a sea of infinite blackness. Many people thought this startling vision would usher in a new era, where man realized how unique and glorious our world is, set as we are in the cold, indifferent emptiness of a vast and violent universe. Sadly, though, it was just another news event, quickly lost in the tide of the generally...(Read Full Article)