Of Marathons and Marriage

We recently enjoyed watching our granddaughter (age 16) and grandson (age 14) finish the Richmond Marathon -- her second marathon, his first. My husband had expressed concern that our grandson's preparation had consisted merely of playing junior varsity baseball and freshman football. I didn't understand why that wasn't enough. Earlier, both had won their age group in the Outer Banks Triathlon. As it turns out, my husband's concerns were legitimate.  In the early stages of the race, our grandson, with his effervescent personality, was goofing off and sending upbeat text messages. When we saw them at the 13-mile marker, they were still in high spirits. Shortly afterward, we got our last text message saying that his calf muscles were tightening up. Later, his sister reported that he had "hit a wall" around mile 15 and had to gut through the remainder of the race.At the 19-mile marker, his mom and dad -- having run several marathons ­­-- knew that he was facing...(Read Full Article)