No Anti-Semitism in France?

Jacques Attali, a French Jewish intellectual, President of an NGO promoting microfinance PlaNet Finance, and former adviser to the late socialist President François Mitterrand, is on the record denying that anti-Semitism exists in France. Said Attali to Haaretz:It is a problem which does not exist ... Bu****it, peanuts, lies ... I think it is propaganda, Israeli propaganda ... Zero! None whatsoever. It's a lie." The Algiers-born Attali also denied "a problem of anti-Semitism among the Muslim community in France." He added: It's crucial to Israel and to the whole world for Jews and Arabs in France to get along. These relations are of strategic importance: if they cannot live in harmony here, they cannot live in harmony anywhere.The French Jewish organizations' leaders expressed strong indignation at Attali's denial of anti-Semitism in France. Richard Prasquier, President of CRIF, the umbrella representative body of French Jewish organizations, stated: We have the...(Read Full Article)