Enviro-Marxists Discover the Real Scourge of the Planet: Human Beings

"Climate change," the scam formerly known as "global warming," has been exposed as the crypto-Marxist hoax many of us long suspected. In Copenhagen, at the ridiculous charade of a "summit" on the dangers of producing record carbon emissions, the lofty rhetoric about saving the planet and the long-suffering polar bears has been ripped down like a sheet covering an unfinished masterpiece. Underneath, the masterpiece turns out to be an ugly reality as old as human history: a good old fashioned shakedown, in which the greediest of the greedy assert the right to confiscate the fruits of other people's labor, alternately threatening, whining, wheedling, and guilting their marks into coming across with the cash in the interest of "economic justice" -- or in this case, "climate justice."With all that has happened -- the East Anglia e-mails, which revealed that supposedly respectable scientists were falsifying data, repressing any inconvenient...(Read Full Article)