Christmas Hubris and Partisan Willfulness

Today, on Christmas Eve, Congress is scheduled for a final vote on a massive, destructive, and unpopular health care bill that was cobbled together in secrecy and foisted on the American public via backroom deals and unprecedented partisan willfulness and arrogance. While the public looks on aghast at the flaunting of established procedures in a representative democracy combined with the desecration of one of Christianity's holiest seasons, Harry Reid and his senatorial comrades are ramming through a vast expansion of government control of health care in the U.S. Under ObamaCare, fully 55 percent of the nation's health care costs will be controlled by the federal bureaucracy. If you like the efficiency of the License Bureau at the Department of Motor Vehicles, you'll love ObamaCare. Take a number and wait; you'll be served if you're the right age, if you have an approved condition, if there are still doctors willing to work at the rate dictated by a government panel, and if there are...(Read Full Article)