Castro's Berlin Wall -- Alive and Kicking

OK, a decent interval has passed since Freedom-Week, so I'm no party-pooper. The fall of the Berlin Wall certainly merited all the festivities. Its construction eventually whacked many of the "enlightened" on the head, grabbed them by the ears, and shoved their faces in for a close-up of an enclosure that had gone up fourteen years earlier: the Iron Curtain.After September 1961, there was no denying it: the term "captive nations" was not a "McCarthyite" confection. All that barbed wire, those minefields, and those machine guns were not ornamental. Those big, steely-eyed dogs were not trained to beg and roll over, but to rip apart anyone seeking freedom. The Berlin Wall (FINALLY!) bellowed high-decibel proof, even to the deafest leftist, that Communism was pure slavery (but obviously not for the slavemasters).Now for some "party-poopery." Between two and three hundred people died trying to breach the Berlin Wall (i.e., the "anti-fascist...(Read Full Article)