Capitalism Costars

Despite the vast leftist wasteland of Hollywood -- one in which a pathological mocker can produce garbage like Capitalism: A Love Story -- the movie Sunshine Cleaning delivers a surprisingly refreshing look at capitalism's role in developing human virtues. It's doubtful that the writer (Megan Holley) is a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, having been inspired to write her screenplay based on an NPR "news" piece in 2001. Nonetheless, the film's better points wouldn't have been believable without a backdrop of capitalism, and as such, Sunshine should be a must-see movie even months after its fairly nondescript release earlier this year. Be forewarned: This review does not take pains to hide the ending. By reading further you agree to learn how the film ends. The story is about Rose Lorkowski (Amy Adams), a single mom in her early thirties who's slugging it out as a cleaning company employee, schlepping for other women her age who are thoroughly bourgeois in their marriages,...(Read Full Article)