Avatar: Cameron's Contradictions Loom Large

Filmmaker James Cameron is famous for blockbusters like Titanic and The Terminator. His latest movie, Avatar, just opened after a massive media blitz during which Cameron himself hit the talk show circuit, along with his on-screen stars. Since the high-tech 3-D film may have cost $300 million to make, Cameron is highly motivated to promote the film so as to recover the costs and make a profit. And herein lies the contradiction between the film's story and the filmmaker's own life.The storyline is hard-left, anti-imperialist propaganda. In the 22nd century, humans come to the planet Pandora to mine a precious metal called unobtanium. Already the simplistic naming of the planet and the metal should tip the viewer off about the shallow thinking involved in the script. The humans work for a greedy corporation protected by mercenary troops. They are menaced by the primitive indigenous population, who live in a beautiful rainforest with sentient trees! The tall, blue-skinned natives are...(Read Full Article)