The Pilgrims, Famine, and the End of Feudalism

" ... it well appeared the famine must still ensue ..." [i]Famine stalked the Pilgrims through the first years. But their conquest of famine helped end old-world feudalism.I suggest the reader access the Project Gutenberg online edition of Governor William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation[ii]. (For the original source, see endnotes.) I'll paraphrase some passages.July 1620The Pilgrims' contract [iii] with their financial backers, the London Merchant Adventurers Company, included conditions of seven years of joint stock and partnership and communal property, followed by a division and release from obligations,3.  ... all profits and benefits that are got by trade, traffic, trucking, working, fishing, or any other means of any person or persons, remain still in the common stock until the division.10. That all such persons as are of this colony are to have their meat, drink, apparel and all provisions out of the common stock and goods of the said...(Read Full Article)