The Killers Within

A time bomb began ticking in the mid-1970s, when the psychiatric and mental health professions went politically correct and identified the mentally ill as "victims" who required advocates. While patients in general do need assistance, the activists turned caring into political action that changed the American cityscape and endangered our well-being.Announcing in the mid-1970s that confining mental patients violated their civil rights, a cadre set to work to release as many patients as they could, resulting in the huge homeless phenomenon of the 1980s that remains with us now. Suddenly the streets of major cities and small towns hosted a permanent population of vagrants who harassed passersby and businesses. The media spin maintained that these abandoned citizens were the victims of the cruel American capitalist society. In other words, it was our fault that people marginalized by society existed, dramatizing that the public deserved this inconvenience for living selfish...(Read Full Article)