The Differences Between Marriage and Cohabitation

Marriage rates are at an all-time low, a fact that has ramifications for all of us. Most people have no clue about the differences between marriage and cohabitation, thus they are completely blasé about a trend that undermines one of the basic foundations of civil society. I developed the following chart to note the significant differences between the two relationships. MarriageCohabitationformally "defined" and publicly acknowledged commitmentprivate, informal, undefined, uncertain "arrangement"pact with legal standing, privileges, obligations, and responsibilitieslimited, ambiguous commitment, without clear, binding obligationsall-encompassing, total commitment of fidelity and complete sharingtenuous, transient conditional "understanding" with partial sharingtwo interdependent individuals in an exclusive bondtwo independent individuals jointly occupying spaceThe number of couples in the United States who are "living together"...(Read Full Article)