The AT Readers' Complete Lexicon of Political Speech

Numerous AT readers suggested additions to a recently posted partial lexicon of political speech. We'll call it "complete" for now, but there are, no doubt, still some oft-used terms missing. Contributing AT readers are noted [in brackets].1. Affordable: A word that, when attached to a proposed piece of federal legislation, signals that anyone with an ounce of economic common sense recognizes the venture as unaffordable.2. All economists agree that...: Introductory language to a false citation proposing the credibility of an economic assertion made by someone who is clueless about reference economics. All economists don't agree on anything.3. Astroturf: "A dodge to mislead the serfs that actual grass is not real." [rickhb] 4. Bailout: Most commonly refers to removing water from a sinking boat by use of a pail or similar receptacle, or to exiting an airborne craft via a parachute. Since late 2008, it refers to the federal government bailing money into sinking...(Read Full Article)