Sarah Palin and the Bard

I was once told that if I truly wanted to understand human nature, all that was required was a careful study of one literary body of work: Shakespeare's.All the major themes of human existence are represented. Love, hate, greed, charity, redemption, etc. are weaved into a brilliant tapestry of literal and allegorical devices. So comprehensive and timeless are many of the Great Bard's lessons that his life's work is often called "The Lay Bible." But like the Good Book, many of the truisms contained within Shakespeare's work and his life continue to be overlooked or completely forgotten. We would be wise as members of the Conservative movement to realize that what we are witnessing in today's economic and cultural environment is not new. It is merely a new embodiment of age-old prejudices and predilections. As I watched the mewling throngs of political talking heads trying to explain, demean, or dismiss the appeal of Sarah Palin's Going Rogue, I was reminded of a quote from a...(Read Full Article)