Rep. Cao vs. Retired Gen. Honoré

The single Republican to vote for Speaker Pelosi's version of ObamaCare is Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao, who replaced William "Cold Cash" Jefferson in Louisiana's 2nd Congressional District. Rep. Cao's engagement in bi-partisanship immediately raised the obvious question as to what was offered in return, and Michelle Malkin provides an answer: Cao wrote he obtained commitment from President Obama that he would work together to address ... issues related to Charity and Methodist Hospitals. Charity Hospital got brief media mention last month when President Obama took questions at a Town Hall meeting in NOLA. The NY Times reported that a man specifically addressing Charity Hospital asked why NOLA was being "nickel-and-dimed in our recovery," something he says he expected from the Bush administration but not from President Obama. The man also stated: ... we've been without a full-service public hospital for the last four years because FEMA is offering $350 million...(Read Full Article)