Obama's Wall

Twenty years ago today, an architectural monument to human enslavement melted before the eyes of the world: the Wall, the horrific complex of barbed wire, mine fields, police dogs, killing zones, and constant military guards was torn down by East Germans who finally saw a chance for liberty.  There was always something surreal about the Wall. After the Second World War, Germany was been bisected into two more or less equal parts. In the east was the Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany), a collection of former German territories awarded to Poland in Pomerania, Silesia, and the southern half of East Prussia; and in the west was the Federal Republic of Germany, a free democracy cobbled together from the American, British, and French sectors of conquered Germany.Long before the Wall was built, millions of Germans had left the eastern half of Germany for the west. The Red Army raped almost every female who came into its clutches (a long-ignored atrocity, which still is as...(Read Full Article)