Obama's Failed Asia Trip

President Obama went to Asia this month with great hopes that he could persuade the Chinese government to let its people buy more American products. He failed. Here's the Wall Street Journal reporters' reading of the body language immediately following his final meeting on November 17 with Chinese President Hu Jintao:(T)he two leaders issued the statement in an awkward fashion -- at a press "availability" where they took no questions, didn't address each other and exhibited body language that seemed to say they had been frustrated by the entire exercise....President Obama needed President Hu's cooperation, but didn't get it. Without more balanced trade with China, his recovery plan will probably fail. Although Obama's deficit spending caused GDP to blip upward during the third quarter of 2009, the important statistics have almost all been negative. The effects of his consumer subsidy programs (Cash for Clunkers for car buyers and tax subsidies for first time home buyers) are...(Read Full Article)