Obama -- and Reagan -- Go to China

President Obama last week held a "Town Hall Meeting with Future Chinese Leaders" in the thriving city of Shanghai, itself a remarkable sign of what free-market forces can produce in a short time, even in a place that only decades ago was awash in collectivization, central planning, and death.Obama actually gave a pretty good speech to some Chinese college students. I was pleasantly surprised to hear him refer to basic American values of liberty and free enterprise. Obama pointed to the "founding documents that guide our democracy," which "put forward a simple vision of human affairs" and "enshrine several core principles -- that all men and women are created equal and possess certain fundamental rights."Sure, he could have said more, but given his paltry track record defending American values against foreign despotism -- remember Iran last June -- I expected much less.Obama's speech, however, sparked a thought, particularly given those in...(Read Full Article)