O isn't dithering on Afghanistan! It's a Harvard Law Seminar!

In his slick PR fashion, Obama's answer to the charge that he is "dithering on Afghanistan" is to feed the hungry media a military photo op. Yes, Obama can be seen in the pic saluting a US Soldier's flag-draped casket coming back from Afghanistan. Now we know why the White House insisted that our battlefield casualties should not be shielded from the media. You need tame media access for photo ops. So Obama is finally showing some respect.For the Hollyweirdos, appearance is reality. We now have a Commander in Chief who knows how to salute. He must therefore be competent to lead. It's right there in the photo op. That's the good news. The darker news is that General McChrystal's request for 40,000 more troops for Afghanistan is now more than two months old, and the enemy isn't dithering. The Taliban are attacking, and the Afghans caught in the middle are losing their faith in US protection. How many truck bombs do you have to see go off in your local market in Kabul before...(Read Full Article)