Midwifing Leviathan

American medicine is the benchmark for the world. Our physicians and hospitals are the elite in the war against death and suffering, and they have been winning. Ever-lengthening life spans show that the enemy is in retreat, while sickness and disability are routed daily with innovative procedures, drug therapies, and marvelous new medical equipment. Just as our military strength led nations to seek our protection, our medical prowess draws the hopeless to us when the healers of their countries have nothing more to offer them, save comfort and an apology. Remember your last trip to the doctor or hospital, so you will be able to tell your grandchildren that you saw American Medicine at its pinnacle, before the decline that began with the passage of "health care reform." Our ally Britain has traveled much farther down the socialist road than we have, and they have a great deal to teach us. They have a fully socialized health care system called the National Health Service (NHS),...(Read Full Article)