Ignoring Infiltration

It was Friday afternoon that I finished the draft of "The Left and Terror," at which point I logged on to waste a little time poking around the Net, something I am very good at. Imagine my shock at being confronted with the news from Fort Hood at that moment. Such coincidences tap into sources deep in the subconscious -- it was as if my own writing had somehow called Nidal Malik Hasan into existence. It was a disturbing sensation, one that served to curtail analysis of the event. I merely updated the piece and sent it on in.Developments over the past days have amply confirmed the thesis offered in "The Left and Terror." What would a serious response to such an atrocity look like? We'd see swift activity aimed at halting any further such incidents. I am not talking about a "witch hunt" -- the term so beloved by mass media -- but a careful investigation followed by decisive action where necessary. There are undoubtedly more such individuals currently active...(Read Full Article)