Homeland Insecurity

Nidal Malik Hasan singlehandedly gunned down 43 American soldiers at Ft. Hood, killing thirteen in the process. Janet Napolitano's and U.S. Army Chief General George Casey's first reaction was to publicly express concern about possible repercussions directed toward Muslims.  Months ago, when Nidal Hasan was spouting off anti-American rhetoric, the U.S. Army, as well as the federal government, should have been as concerned about safety as they are about cultural and religious sensitivity. Instead, while Hasan plotted to attack American soldiers, Big Sis focused on right-wing extremism in the form of pro-lifers, upstanding members of the American military, and law-abiding gun-owners. The unconscionable actions of Nidal Malik Hasan are slowly revealing themselves as domestic, homegrown terrorism by a Muslim with radical ties. Yet rather than acknowledge the obvious, the left-wing media is joining federal-level proprietors of political correctness in depicting Major Hasan as a victim...(Read Full Article)