Democrats' Pearl Harbor Attack on Health Care

So confident was Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her party's leviathan health care reform measure that she had the House debate and vote on it in the dark of night on Saturday. Doing so may end up dooming her party in next November's midterm elections...and beyond.  Voters and taxpayers don't like sneak-attacks. They sure don't like their representatives spiriting major legislation through on a weeknight, not to mention legislation that promises a colossal change to how health care is delivered and that is full of hidden (and not-so-hidden) taxes and fees and mandates.  While most Americans watched movies or or slumbered, the Speaker mounted her Pearl-Harbor-like attack. She dropped her bombs when Americans were disengaged because she knew the sprawling, convoluted, and incomprehensible legislation stood a much better chance of passing then.The plan was simple. News generates interest. Interest leads to action. The last thing the Speaker wanted was wavering Democrats to be...(Read Full Article)