Breaking Promises and Betraying an Ally at the U.N.

The American Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, lobbied for the United States to join the egregious United Nations Human Rights Council -- a body dedicated to bashing America and Israel and shielding true human rights violators around the world (many of whom have sat as members of the council for years). She promised a new direction for the council, pledged that America would use its prestige to change the council's nature, and specifically promised that the U.S. would battle "the anti-Israel crap."In the wake of Rice's arrival at the U.N. comes the Goldstone Report, which severely and unfairly condemns Israel for its operations to halt Gazan rocket attacks. Meanwhile, Hamas was given all but a free pass. In all fairness, the wheels were already in motion to create the Goldstone report when Rice joined. But there are several steps America could take, but has not taken, to minimize the impact. The report was sent for debate to the U.N. General Assembly. The...(Read Full Article)