ACORNing the Climate Change Movement

The climate change movement may have been caught in its first ACORN moment, with the publication of e-mails suggesting global warming data has been manipulated or suppressed.The University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit's (CRU) e-mail system was hacked, and it now appears that fraud as a political strategy may not be limited to ACORN's community organizing. Rest assured that as with ACORN, it won't be the political or big media establishments who capture the next big evidentiary breakthroughs in "Climategate."Global warmists apparently don't find destroying evidence offensive to their "science." Similarly, ACORN doesn't seem fettered by ethics. Not even a week apart from the breaking news of Climategate, reported that the San Diego ACORN office was caught on film literally dumping documents even though it is facing investigation.On this document-dumping, reports, ACORN's political agenda is also exposed, with thousands...(Read Full Article)