Top Twenty Things Obama Doesn't Say

Despite countless speeches and news conferences, did you ever hear President Obama express the following ideas?1. Not everything is a federal issue; some things are for the states to decide.2. I hear what you're saying and you have a good point.3. One of the beautiful things about our constitution is the liberty given to individuals to pursue their dreams.  There is great opportunity in our country to succeed.4. In an effort to stimulate job growth and despite the objections from my party, I am working with Congress to reduce taxes for small businesses.5. I am saddened by the cycle of poverty that exists in our major cities, and here is a way we can empower the next generation to break the cycle and fulfill their God-given potential....6. The folks at the town hall meetings and those who came to Washington on 9/12 were exercising one of the greatest rights we have as Americans, freedom of speech.7. Stop already with all forms of ‘cult of personality' behavior.  I am a...(Read Full Article)