Top Twenty Things Obama Doesn't Say

Despite countless speeches and news conferences, did you ever hear President Obama express the following ideas?

1. Not everything is a federal issue; some things are for the states to decide.

2. I hear what you're saying and you have a good point.

3. One of the beautiful things about our constitution is the liberty given to individuals to pursue their dreams.  There is great opportunity in our country to succeed.

4. In an effort to stimulate job growth and despite the objections from my party, I am working with Congress to reduce taxes for small businesses.

5. I am saddened by the cycle of poverty that exists in our major cities, and here is a way we can empower the next generation to break the cycle and fulfill their God-given potential....

6. The folks at the town hall meetings and those who came to Washington on 9/12 were exercising one of the greatest rights we have as Americans, freedom of speech.

7. Stop already with all forms of ‘cult of personality' behavior.  I am a public servant, just like all those who have served before and all who will come after my term is complete.  It's not about me, it's about the country.

8. I heard a great message Sunday morning at church.

9. History teaches us that evil exists in the world; for this reason the United States must remain strong, ready to defend itself and its allies.

10. I didn't realize a communist was part of my administration.  It won't happen again.

11. The billions siphoned out of health care into lawyers' pockets never healed a single person.

12. No other country on earth offers its citizens the opportunity to pursue life, liberty, and happiness as does the United States of America.

13. The experts have looked at the proposed (fill-in-the-blank) program, and when it is extrapolated out beyond just the initial offering there is clear evidence it will cost too much money and will eventually fail.

14. I disagree 100% with the Cloward-Piven strategy of increasing the welfare rolls and overwhelming the financial system, and I am not affiliated in any way with the implementation of such an idea.

15. I don't know the answer to your question but I will give it some thought.

16. The goal of my presidency is not to implement a political ideology, but to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

17. Every person has value regardless of age, gender, color, physical characteristics, or any other factor.

18. Any healthcare bill I sign must include a provision to exclude the rationing of care, keep the door open for competition among insurers, and promote the opportunity for our young people to pursue an education in the medical fields to ensure future supply meets future demand.

19. It is important for legislators to remember that what helps someone in the short-term may actually hurt them in the long-term, and we must avoid this kind of scenario.

20. It has become clear to me after meeting with military experts that their recommendations should be implemented in our current situation; this is not an area in which politics can be allowed to interfere.
The list could continue, but you get the point:  by not saying the kinds of things that show recognition of individual and state rights, by not listening to what a variety of voices can contribute to the discussion, by an unwillingness to be taught, and by a lack of humility, there is little evidence our President wants our individual, local, state, and national success.  Instead, he seems intent on implementing an agenda.

It's sad, really.  This is someone who has the power and authority to do great things that could open the floodgates of opportunity for our country.  The right path in economic and foreign affairs could be more readily determined if his agenda was set aside.  

Pity the Americans who can't find jobs, can't feed their families, whose dreams have been destroyed by an economic crisis that could be remedied if someone who truly wanted to make things better would choose to do so.

Mr. Obama has thrown a lot of people under the bus.  I wonder if someone would do the same to him if he dared to deviate from his current role as Messiah of the Progressive movement and instead became the President of the United States.
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