These Dis-United States

The public rancor and divisiveness that exists today in our political and cultural debates is nothing new, having been a staple of our Republic/Democracy for its entire history. There are, however, disturbing elements to these debates that one could surmise to be more destructive than fruitful to its continued existence.All elected Federal officials solemnly profess to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America", but hardly any admit that what they do, in actuality, destroys or alters said document. Congress and the Executive Branch have been on a relentless assault to provide for the benighted masses what they don't seem to want to provide for themselves; at least this is what liberal/progressives have been projecting since, at least, the time of FDR. The masses, content with accepting the beneficence of the empowered elite, swoon before these attempts to provide cradle to grave assurance of a life free of the hindrance of self...(Read Full Article)