The Sullied Savior Blames Bush

In May of 2008, Times Online ran an article entitled, Barack Obama: the New Great Redeemer.  The author, Gerard Baker, recognized something many American voters at that time were unwilling to admit, which was, The idolatry of Mr. Obama is a shame...The Illinois senator is indeed, an unusually talented, inspiring and charismatic figure...But he is not a saint. He is a smart and eloquent man with a personal history that is startlingly shallow set against the scale of the office he seeks to hold... If the past 40 years have taught us anything they have surely taught that premature canonization is an almost certain guarantee of subsequent deep disappointment.Nine months later, Americans are finding their savior has feet of clay. Foible after foible, Obama is proving to be unable to fulfill his own messianic expectations. Even more disturbing is Obama's "startlingly shallow" unwillingness to man up to his policy failures or decline to comment when presented with an...(Read Full Article)