Terrorism and Bathtubs

We have nothing to fear except maybe bathtubs, apparently.  Or perhaps, those who ignore mathematics are condemned to repeat false assertions."One's chance of being killed in a terrorist attack is many times less than one's chance of drowning in a bathtub or being killed by a fall from scaffolding or a ladder."  Cato Institute's Handbook for Congress. "... it is worth remembering that the total number of people killed since 9/11 by Al Qaeda or Qaeda-like operatives outside of Afghanistan and Iraq is not much higher than the number who drown in bathtubs in the United States in a single year, and that the lifetime chance of an American being killed by international terrorism is about one in 80,000 -- about the same chance of being killed by a comet or a meteor."  John Mueller, a political scientist at Ohio State University and the author of Overblown: How Politicians, the Terrorism Industry and Others Stoke National Security Fears.  "... the...(Read Full Article)