Kindergarten Marxists

One question that has repeatedly been asked vis-à-vis the Honduran situation (it doesn't seem quite fraught enough to be termed a "crisis") is why so many members of the Western elite, governmental and otherwise, insist on backing Manuel "Mel" Zelaya, despite any number of reasons not to. A quick recap: Mel Zelaya, evidently acting out of a form of Chavez-worship, attempted to carry out a referendum that would allow him to run for another term as president. Honduras, like many other Latin countries, has endured the malignant phenomenon of the "president-for-life", which the U.S., partially excepting FDR, has been spared, and has taken legal steps to prevent any repetition. In the case of Honduras, this amounts to a ban on second presidential terms. It's one term and out (Mexico has a similar law). It was this constitutional provision that Zelaya was attempting to sidestep through his referendum, which he insisted on carrying out despite his being...(Read Full Article)