Obama abuses faith office to promote his radical agenda

During the entire Bush administration critics accused him of using religion for political purposes. Many people were aghast that our President was a religious man -- as opposed to his predecessor whose fidelity to the Ten Commandments was an on-off sort of affair. When George Bush named Jesus as his favorite philosopher he was laughed at as being a simpleton. What really provoked the left was when he created the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives as a way to work with religious groups to perform social services. There were fears that the wall between church and state were going to tumble down as fast as the walls of Jericho.Of course, the fears were unfounded, but the constant agitprop involving the Office was a useful partisan political tool. It stoked fears, and that was always good for Democrats as a fundraising tool. One might think that Barack Obama would close the office as one of the first steps of his Presidency, a payback for support by the militant secularist community. Au...(Read Full Article)