Liberals Fumble Again

Since when is wanting to buy a football team a matter for the House floor?When Sheila Jackson Lee took the floor of the House this week to criticize Rush Limbaugh in an attempt to block his bid for purchasing the NFL's St. Louis Rams, I wasn't the only one confused as to the appropriateness of the venue.  Even Congresswoman Lee stated, "This is not a government issue."  Then why was she wasting taxpayer time and money discussing an explicitly private-sector matter?  Because liberals love nothing more than involving themselves into arenas in which they have no knowledge, while desperately wanting to appear righteous.But I wasn't overly concerned with her choice of venue.  I was frightened by her choice of words.When a government representative can stand on the floor of our most respected chamber and use phrases like "not the kind of owner the NFL needs," "standards of integrity," and "do the right thing" when discussing a...(Read Full Article)