Kill the Jews, Save the World

Iran closes in on nuclear weaponry, five million Jews in Israel edge toward Armageddon, and Barack Obama is doing very well, thank you.

When it comes to the Jews, he is Alfred E. Neuman happy, imitating the Mad Magazine icon whose solution to the problems of life is summarized in the catchphrase "What, me worry?" Iran has the bomb -- what, me worry?

The key to understanding an administration which talks -- and only talks -- while Iranian atomic weapons are developed is, as Obama mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright puts it, "them Jews."  "Them Jews" packed into a nation the size of Maryland are, in the end, just Jews, oppressors by definition in the lexicon of the intellectual, elite left of this president.

No, Barack Obama is not worried. The face smiling at him from the other side of the mirror, a view that thrills him every bit as much as it does his media admirers, knows that Jews are a useful lot. Soaking up blame like a sponge, they provide a handy excuse for the growing list of domestic and foreign policy debacles of America's first radical president who, according to Politico, is "failing miserably." For Obama, Jews are a cornucopia, a kosher horn of plenty offering endless excuses for failures great and small.

Already, a third of the Democratic Party he leads blames the Jews for the current financial crisis, according to a recent Stanford University study.  And too many Jewish doctors is one of the reasons that health care is in crisis in urban areas, says the president's White House and congressional teams, who have inserted into pending health care legislation quotas that will, in effect, exclude most Jewish applicants -- who are not a preferred "race and ethnicity" -- from medical education.  

What, me worry... about escalating tension in the Middle East? Not when I can blame Israel and the Jews.

Yes, the psychopath leading Iran has repeatedly said he will "clean these sources of corruption (Jews) from the face of the earth." A bit aggressive. But, hey, "all nations have the right to peaceful nuclear energy," Obama proclaimed, inviting the world's largest sponsor of terrorism to reassure him that  facilities devoted to nuclear weapons development will be used for peaceful purposes -- like powering the cattle prods its police use during interrogations of Iranian citizens.

Obama, whose Middle East team shares Jimmy Carter's love of all things Jewish, is the first American president to give credibility to a time-honored strategy of despots and thugs: Kill the Jews, save the world.

And so Iran, unimpeded, readies its assault against what it calls "this filthy bacteria," "the most detested people in all humanity."  In response, Obama -- as one conservative commentator noted -- boldly proclaims "a new meekness." When all is said and done, Barack Obama is channeling his inner Dr. Strangelove, the crazed character who rode a nuclear bomb to oblivion in Dr.Strangelove or:  How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

Iran goes nuclear -- no problem. The leftist intellectuals who populate the White House reflexively look for a "root cause," the underlying reason for a situation. And that root cause is inevitably freedom, racism or, as one Democrat legislator put the reason for an election loss, "Jews...J-E-W-S!"

Time to "stop worrying and love the bomb" when the root cause of Middle East violence is Israel, which is peopled by Jews who have violated the Allah-given right of Palestinians and assorted Islamists to lob explosives at Jewish women and children. Ed Lasky has noted that anti-Semitism has found a home in the Democratic Party. And the head of that party has given it a home in the White House.

What, me worry? Having been told almost a year ago about the frenzied pace of Iran's nuclear weaponry program, Obama said nothing while committing the United States to an aggressively anti-Semitic United Nations, which Forbes magazine described as the center of an "anti-Semitic web now being rewoven around the globe."  And now a UN official has declared the nuclear weapons of Israel, and not Iran, to be the "number one threat to Middle East" peace.

Again, them Jews. Yes, Israel may be a prosperous democracy that leads the Middle East and much of the world in living standards and political freedom, enjoyed also by its Arab citizens. But it is a Jewish state and, as such, the root cause of the misery of the Palestinian people -- never mind that Palestinian leadership is among the most corrupt in the world.  Deceased radical left rock star Yasser Arafat, for example, stole close to $4 billion from foreign aid while more than three-quarters of his people lived in numbing poverty.

Forget the facts. We're talking radical worldview, with the Iranian president merely the latest in a long line of Obama consorts who, as rabid anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, put it, regard the Jew as a "leech" who "sucks your blood." 

Nation of Islam head Farrakhan was honored as a leader who "epitomized greatness" by the church where Obama sat for more than twenty years listening to its pastor spout race hatred. Van Jones, the advisor enthusiastically recruited and embraced by the White House until Internet news and commentary sites, talk radio and Fox News combined to force his resignation, said Israeli Jews have out-Hitlered Hitler, engaging in "the worst racial practices of the past century."

In similar fashion, he has surrounded himself with anti-Semitic despots on the international scene.  He has, for example, cultivated a friendship with Venezuela thug Hugo Chavez, who has vowed to eliminate the Jews "who have taken possession of all of the wealth in the world" and is cozying up to Fidel Castro, who is particularly fond of "hook nosed caricatures" in his war against the "Jewish Zionist conspiracy."  

And so Barack Obama accepts Iran's nuclear program, knowing full well, as James Lewis of American Thinker points out, the Jewish state "is bound and determined to defend herself." At which point, faster than you can say "Auschwitz-Birkenau," an Iran problem morphs into a Jewish problem.

But Obama certainly knows what to do about that. As his spiritual mentors, from Rev. Wright to the Catholic sociopath Father Michael Pfleger, have advised, as his political associates -- from  Carter acolyte Zbigniew Brzezinski to UN ambassador Susan Rice -- have counseled, the best chance for world peace rests in an old remedy... let the Jews be killed.

What, me worry...when the worst case scenario is the Jewish state nuked out of existence?  Sure, gone are world-class medical, technology and agricultural sectors. However, so too are air conditioners, coal-gulping factories, farms that inhale water, and households with multiple, gas-guzzling automobiles...the largest carbon footprint in the Middle East -- all because "them Jews" have defied the natural order of neighboring Arab states, also known as grinding poverty.

What, me worry? No Israel, then no oppression of people and environment. Barack Obama is doing very well, thank you, and perhaps thinking that American taxpayers could finance a sign for his brave new world of the Middle East: "This Wasteland Maintained by the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Kill the Jews, save the world.

Stuart H. Schwartz is on the faculty at Liberty University in Virginia.