Honored, Humbled but Unsure?

President Barack Obama, upon hearing that he had won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, responded by saying he was both "honored and humbled."  He then went on to tell reporters in the White House Rose Garden that he, "...wasn't sure he had done enough to earn the award, or deserved to be in the company of the transformative figures who had won it before him." Barack Obama's uncertainty as to whether he earned the prize indicated that in his own mind, there was a possibility he might have.A humble person exudes a consciousness of personal defects and shortcomings and isn't unsure or deceived about the extent of accomplishments or stature.  Authentic humility is in fact, truth about strengths, which Barack Obama over exaggerates and weaknesses, which he refuses to acknowledge.Humility is a character trait that is oftentimes misunderstood to be something it is not.  A truly humble person lacks pride and esteems others as more important. These are qualities...(Read Full Article)