Health insurance industry's 'new tone' was off key

The health insurance industry's gamble in playing footsie with ObamaCare has been a disaster. Much like feckless Republicans who for years have tried to "reach across the aisle" or put forth a "new tone" to play nice with the liberals, the health insurance industry's deal with the devil is now ending the way seasoned Obama observers expected all along.  And all of this would be funny except that the insurance industry - vital to a free market economy   - has mitigated its ability to make clear contributions to the national debate on health care.  Just like too many Republican candidates in years past - a certain Senator from Arizona comes to mind -- the industry was willing to go along with the trashing of the free market so that folks ignorant of how our economy works would hate them a tiny bit less.  Never mind the little detail about free enterprise being the most efficient way to distribute goods and services, including health care, in...(Read Full Article)