Asinine Amendments

The conduct of Democrats in Washington, D.C. has found a way to even impress Al Qaeda.  Who would have thought that the terrorist organization could learn a trick or two from Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi? Based on a CBS Evening News report it seems that the Democratic leadership in the House, Senate, and even the White House can add Abdullah Asieri to their list of mentees.The article states that Asieri learned a sneaky trick from the narcotics trade, which was to insert into his rectum a pound of high explosives. I beg to differ with this attribution; I believe Democratic politicians have been using this tactic for years.After packing his anal cavity with 16 ounces of bomb material this "Trojan Bomber" avoided detection. Asieri's goal was to gain access and assassinate Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, head of Saudi Arabia's counter terrorism operation.  With his weapons tucked neatly away, he was able to scam two airport security systems, metal detectors and palace...(Read Full Article)