Are liberal Jews secular millenarians?

"Put not your trust in princes," says Psalm 146, but both liberal Jews and Christians put all their trust in a Prince from Chicagoland in the last election. A prince of a guy who now feels he is empowered to carry out a Revolution from Above (Jozef Stalin's phrase). You can trust this guy. I mean, a black guy with a Harvard Law degree? And he wrote both of his autobiographies like an angel? Women all over the land had Momasms when Obama appeared on TV. Distrust of princes and kings pervades the Hebrew Bible, and to a lesser extent the New Testament. There are very good reasons for that; if you were paying attention to Saddam Hussein and his fine boys, that's pretty much the pattern of behavior everybody could see going back thousands of years. Absolute monarchs are described just like that all over the Book of Kings. It was reality then, and it still is today. Want to see a flagrant abuse of power today? Notice that 138 famous Hollywood celebrities signed a petition in...(Read Full Article)