Why I hope Obama brings the 2016 Olympics to Chicago

I do not think readers of American Thinker have any doubts about my concerns about many things concerning Barack Obama. But as to the President's trip to Copenhagen to try to win the Olympic games for Chicago and the United States in 2016, I part company with the critics, from the left and right, or from the NIMBY (not in my backyard) contingent. Let's get real here: if a President can go on vacation for a few weeks, he can spare a day for this trip.  To some extent Obama boxed himself in with an earlier statement saying he would not go to Copenhagen due to the need to push health care reform.I thought that sounded pretty lame -- one more day and one more health care speech would not be decisive, but one day in Copenhagen very well might. One reader suggested Obama would go only if Chicago had a good chance to win, but not if he thought we would lose -- go for the glory of a win, but not to come home empty handed. I agree in part with this, but I also thought Obama's presence...(Read Full Article)