Who taught you to lie, call people names, and accuse people of racism?

Where did the Democratic Congress, the Obama administration, and the main stream media learn to act so rudely, obnoxiously, and disingenuously; to call people names, treat others without any common courtesy or manners, and above all else to be deceptive and lie to citizens of the United States?Politicians and main stream media types learned this behavior at some point in their lives.  Did it start at home in early childhood?  Did their mothers teach them to blame others for their mistakes, to call people names if they disagree with you, and to cover their backsides at all costs using any number of lies and false accusations?  What explains a systemic failure of this magnitude in so many politicians and main stream media types?   I presume they all were raised by mothers who taught them basic lessons in civility.  Were they raised to act as they do today or did they choose this behavior?  Let's briefly review some basic lessons mothers teach their...(Read Full Article)