Virtue and Sarah Palin

No republic, not even our exceptional one, can survive without virtuous citizens.  On July 3 when Sarah Palin announced from her Wasilla home that she would step down as Governor, we got a glimpse of a person none of us had seen before: this remarkable woman, nothing less than a phenomenon, always unflappable now seemed wounded and shaken.  Five simple words were particularly haunting: "...and it's not so comfortable."One of  the most famous women in the world, Sarah Palin relinquished state power in the simplest of settings.  It was obviously not comfortable, nor easy.   However we define Palin, as frontier feminist, movement conservative or middle class populist this will always stand as her finest hour.  It might not have been her finest performance, but it crystallized in a moment the very essence of virtue.  It was Sir Thomas More resigning as Lord Chancellor and George Washington returning to Mount Vernon.  It showed how...(Read Full Article)