The Perils of a 'Policy' President

The last three Democratic presidents are similar.  They are policy presidents: they all believe in the rational, systemic approach to governance.  That's what David S. Broder, dean of the Washington press corps, has noticed.  And he realizes that it's a problem.Of course, liberal Broder did not come up with this on his own.  He got it from the inaugural issue of a new conservative magazine, National Affairs, and an article "Obama and the Policy Approach" written by a conservative thinker, William Schambra, from a conservative think tank, the Hudson Institute.Schambra sees... that "Obama is emphatically a 'policy approach' president. For him, governing means not just addressing discrete challenges as they arise, but formulating comprehensive policies aimed at giving large social systems -- and indeed society itself -- more rational and coherent forms and functions. In this view, the long-term, systemic problems of health care, education, and the...(Read Full Article)