The History Lesson Obama Missed

"The memory of evil will serve as a shield against evil;...the memory of death will serve as a shield against death." - Elie Wiesel,  Nobel Laureate 1986I was watching FoxNews after Obama's UN speech and Dick Morris was the interviewee. While we all know that Obama has made numerous mistakes to historical references in his various speeches over these agonizing months, Morris made a comment that struck me as one of the most insightful lessons of history that has been completely overlooked by Obama and his advisors. Morris said,"Ever since Mein Kampf, you have to take these guys seriously."It is customary for Jews to repeat the phrases "Never forget" and "Never again," and in so doing, we take great comfort that the world is in agreement. The horrors of the Holocaust are so utterly brutal and inhuman that civilized people in the year 2009 cannot imagine such atrocities ever occurring again. And yet they have and they do. Human rights...(Read Full Article)