Sorry honey, but truth trumps the race card

It takes a bit of real grit these days for a white Southerner to talk publicly about the race card. But there are some things so egregiously off the mark that only a coward would remain silent in the face of them. So, count me in. I'm a Southerner. I'm white. And I'm about as riled as I've ever been.It took me a whole bottle of Pepto Bismol last weekend to ease my nauseated response to Maureen Dowd's little Yankee-female-dog screed about Joe Wilson's blatant-only-to-her racism. But then I realized, upon further viewing and reading, that she wasn't even alone in her un-American rampage against the First Amendment. Politico's Jonathan Martin did a whole column on the various highly positioned Democrats who see racism behind every tree of Obama dissent. The TV folks tread a bit more lightly, sticking to the coward's refuge of innuendo and suggestion. Now, did I miss something extremely important in the fine print on our presidential ballots last year?  Was there some fishy legalese...(Read Full Article)