Redefining Sarah Palin

As President Obama fumbled badly at the UN and G-8 last week, Sarah Palin began redefining herself as presidential timber. When seasoned chess watchers see a game in progress, they can often pinpoint a critical moment when the players go from maneuvering for position, to a fast end-game of kill or be killed. In the shadow battle between Obama and Ahmadinejad I believe we just saw the transition to the end game at the United Nations. Obama skeptics (as opposed to his media butt-kissers) came to pretty much the same judgment: His UN performance was "sophomoric." Obama looked like dead meat talking to all the vultures who roost and caw on the craggy peaks of world politics. Sarkozy openly ridiculed him, and Obama didn't even notice. His nose got in the way. In the US battle with Ahmadinejad, the most dangerous maniac in the world, we can now see the likely winner. Obama has foolishly put himself into a position of unprecedented weakness, where he can no longer stop...(Read Full Article)