Poverty and the Poor Whites

Donna M. Beegle, PhD, is spending her career explaining to audiences that there is poverty in America, that the solution to poverty is education, and that too often poverty prevents people from getting educated.  A few weeks ago I heard Beegle speak at the high school where I work.  While the impact of most motivational speakers lasts only a few days, this one was different.You can get an idea of her qualities as a speaker from excerpts available on YouTube, and from a trailer for "Invisible Nation," a one-hour documentary about Beegle and her family that is in the works for PBS.  Beegle comes from four generations of what she calls "generational poverty" and has an undergraduate degree in communication and a doctorate in educational leadership.  When she talks about poverty she knows both sides, living it and studying poverty as an academic. Beegle grew up a poor white American, part of the last group society openly insults, as...(Read Full Article)